My Boss hit’s a Milestone!!!

Even though my boss, Kathy Summers (Assistant Editor, Design & Layout at Bee Culture Magazine), will be out of the office on her birthday – we couldn’t miss the opportunity to have some fun!  It was a pleasure to celebrate her milestone with the office staff.  Her giving nature often goes without any recognition.

Black balloons, RIP headstones, candelabras and other over the hill décor was the set for her office.

The staff wore black in her honor and even the birthday cake had black flowers! Kathy didn’t see this one coming!

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3 Responses to My Boss Hits 60!

  1. Erin says:

    Happy Birthday, Kathy!

  2. Happy Birthday Kathy,
    Dealing with all the jokes can be fun but always keep in mind…the best is yet to come.
    Growing older is not for chickens……

  3. Andrew T Morris says:

    Life has just begun!!!Exercise everyday

    At least walk 30 to 60 minutes daily
    Do something good for your heart daily. Do something for others daily.
    I was 60 twelve years ago.Stay active and have fun watching the chickens. Happy Birthday
    Andy Morris

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